of the ancient Greeks, a person was considered “ideal” if the mixture of the four fluids in his body was balanced. In the end, the word ‘humor’ ended up being used as a general term for disposition or temperament and eventually it has come to mean funny. ‘Modern Greeks’, at HUMOR Brewery, believe that they can bring you a number of different humors to your life to balance every aspect of your everyday.

Unlike mass producers HUMOR has the privilege of being able to use the freshest of ingredients. No additives, coloring’s or concentrated flavors are used in our beer. This guarantees the production of top quality craft beers. Given a choice between quantity and quality HUMOR chose the latter. The brewing process is so laborious and attentive that there is an implied limit of how much beer can be ultimately produced. The results of this extra care and attention are reflected on the quality of the product.

Ingredients: Water, barley malt, wheat malt, hops, yeast.

Alcohol content: 4,3% – 6,5%

Packaging: Bottle 330ml, draught 20lt

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