About Tempo Cyprus
About Tempo Cyprus

About Tempo Cyprus

About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2016 as a subsidiary of the Tempo Beverages company in Israel, Tempo Cyprus has firmly established itself as the exclusive distributor of world’s most premium brands as well as of local esteemed brands. Today is the fastest-growing beverage company in Cyprus by continuously gaining market share in all the categories it is activated.

Our Characteristics

  • Initiative – Tempo is a company of growth, entrepreneurship, and courage.
  • Resourcefulness and readiness to attack every challenge, difficulty, and obstacle.
  • Family atmosphere – We are a company with a family atmosphere, fun and happiness at work, mutual support, obligation, devotion, persistence, and pride.
  • A company with space for personal development and growth.
  • Roots – A company with a past and a heritage, an authentic company, popular and rooted, which doesn’t keep quiet, and is always growing and renewing

Our History

About Us

Focus on growth

At the core of the Tempo Cyprus mentality is an unwavering commitment; to provide its partners and clients with the absolute best. Anticipating their needs in a highly demanding and competitive environment, the company offers brand development services to ensure market penetration and brand recognition as well as top end promotional executions.

Focusing on offering top-shelf service to all its partners, the company’s sales team is segmented by channel and type of outlet, allowing for a deeper understanding of individual client needs. Sales promoters visit 100% of the clients on a weekly basis, whereas key locations are additionally supported with specialized brand ambassadors.

To further enhance the services offered, the company utilizes an effective and versatile client-relation management system. This covers Purchasing and Inventory Management, a dedicated CRM, BW reports, as well as Mobile Sales and Finance & Control reports. These tools are employed by the Tempo’s sales force, so they can provide local clients with the highest quality sales & promotion service.

Another major factor in Tempo’s success is the company's personnel and the investment in their continuous development. Tempo invests on regular personnel training and offers ample advancement opportunities. As Tempo grows, so do our employees.

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