Unleash the bubble!

March 28 2022

Company News

Premium mixers and soba beverages, Three Cents, display their delicious bubbles and refreshing abilities through the “Unleash the bubble” TV campaign.  

The Three Cents Campaign is inspired by the true story behind the conception and creation of the premium mixers, taking people back to the past at the “International Soda Convention”, in an era when bold ideas were always criticized.   

An ambitious young man presented a new and innovative idea, triggering an initial reaction and disruption in the older competitor pool but they come around after tasting a Three Cents Pink Grapefruit Soda.  

Three Cents mixers and sodas are originally made, using natural ingredients, without preservatives and artificial colouring. They were created by three professional bartenders, Dimitris Ntafopoulos, Giorgos Bangkos and Giorgos Tsirikos, in collaboration with businessman Vasilis Kalantzis in Greece in 2014 and have since won over consumers all over the world. A Three Cents priority is to elevate the experience at the bar or home, either as a top-shelf mixer guaranteeing an amazing cocktail or as a premium beverage.  

It should be noted that the “Unleash the Bubble” campaign featured a cast of established actors, headed by British actor Miles Richardson as “The Professor”, in a script penned by Finnish director Nalle Sjoblad. The campaign video is available on YouTube on the Three Cents channel while the campaign is currently airing on TV. The campaign aims to help Three Cents raise awareness of its brand in the premium mixers and soda beverages market. 

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