The “Absolut Dare” campaign continues with even more daring stories

June 28 2019

Company News

Absolut’s latest campaign gave a voice to those who wondered “what if I could make the world a better place” and dared them to be unique, to brush aside stereotypes and do what they want. Using Art to convey the message to the world, Absolut gave the chance to 4 Cypriot illustrators to express themselves, for that cause.

This year, Absolut’s new campaign gives even more emphasis to people who have dreams, ambitions and aspirations but has second thoughts. Under the slogan “Dare”, Absolut challenges people to leave all doubt and insecurity holding them back behind and dare to do all the things they love.

This new, original campaign attempts to connect to young people by taking a different approach, urging them to fight for what they want in life and welcome diversity.

To that end, Absolut began a collaboration with 3 Cypriot artists: sound designer, producer and DJ Andreas Hadjipandelis, make-up artist Andrea Costi and painter Nicolas Antoniou. The artists will share their own daring stories; how they got started, the obstacles they met along the way and how through sheer determination, passion and hard work they managed to become successful in their field. By collaborating with these artists, Absolut aspires to inspire young people, with stories of people who share their vision and managed to get it done.

The first tease video is available on all Absolut social media. In combination with outdoor ads coming soon, Absolut dares us to follow them on Instagram @AbsolutCy and on Facebook @AbsolutCyprus to see what’s next.

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