Brewed with specially selected foam yeasts that give it a special taste. It has a mild foam, fruity and spicy character as well as delicate notes of dough. It is uniformly blurred and its color touches orange, not filtered during bottling, which gives it natural authenticity and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Served in a special way in a specific glass and the fermentation starts the moment you empty the glass. It has a sweet smell and a unique spicy, crispy, refreshing taste.

The German beer Paulaner has been produced since 1634 and is a matter of the heart for the brewery. The law of purity of 1516, the water from the Nockherberg springs, the Hallertau hops, along with the experience, skills and passion of the Paulaner brewers give this unique result. It is no coincidence that for 375 years it has been one of the best beers in Munich.

Ingredients: Water, malted wheat, malted barley, yeast, hops

Alcohol content: 5.5%

Packaging: Bottle 330ml/500ml, draught 30lt


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