Heineken Beer


Heineken is a light blonde lager beer with a full, balanced taste and a distinctive aroma of hops and malt. Its uniqueness is due to the special brewing process with 100% natural ingredients (water, barley malt and hops) and the addition of the unique Heineken A-Yeast®…

Alfa Beer


ALFA beer is one of the oldest beer brands in Greece. ALFA is a blonde and light lager with a rich foam, a bright golden color and a soft aroma of malt and yeast. To this day it is brewed with the same traditional recipe, entirely in Greece, with 100% greek barley…

Sol Beer


Sol is a refreshing and sweet lager beer with a light bitter finish. SOL was born in 1899 in Mexico, the year of its independence…

John Smith’s Beer

John Smith’s

John Smith is an ale beer with a distinct cereal character, combined…

Paulaner Beer


Paulaner is one of the most famous German beers in the world and the no.1 beer in Germany, Originates from the monks of the Neudeck ob der Au Monastery in Munich and the first written reference to the Paulaner brewery takes us back to 1634.

Desperados Beer


Desperados is the name of the 1st Tequila-flavored beer in the world. A unique combination of golden blonde lager, with a minimal dose of authentic…

Zorbas Beer


Light and pleasantly cold Greek beer, produced by…

Humor Beer


Ancient Greeks believed that four liquids (called humours), flowed through our bodies. Each one of these fluids was associated with a different personality characteristic, so their relative proportions were thought to determine a person’s temperament and overall health. According to the humoral theory…

Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti

Moretti Brewery, founded in 1859, is one of Italy’s oldest operating breweries. The brand takes its name from Luigi Moretti, a wholesale merchant of cereals, wines, spirits, and foodstuffs, including beer. Moretti purchased much of his beer from…

Lagunitas Beer


Lagunitas IPA was the first microbrewery to introduce the IPA beer style in the United States at a time when craft beer was not such a strong trend. It started in…

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